Fujitsu Scigress

Scigress is a molecular modelling and Molecular dynamics software of Fujitsu Scinetific. Calculations of various chemical and physical properties are possible, as well as reaction modelling on various theory levels without the hassle of learning computational chemistry jargon.



SCIGRESS is molecular design modeling software currently available for Microsoft Windows and Linux. A state-of-the-art molecular builder and visualizer enables the researcher to import experiment structures using a variety of industry standard formats, or to build novel structures using a multi-function tool palette.

SCIGRESS is a successor of Scigress Explorer (CAChe) and Materials Explorer, integrating both programs into one powerful suite. It covers all aspects of leading edge research from building models to computation and analysis.
SCIGRESS has the unique ability to apply a wide range of computational models, from molecular mechanics through rigorous quantum electronic structure techniques, to all types of molecular systems, from organic molecules, to inorganics, polymers, materials systems (metals, oxides, ceramics, semiconductors), and whole proteins.
SCIGRESS is highly expandable with the ability to plug-in a wide variety of computational programs The user can choose from among five packages depending on the applications and goals of your chemistry or materials research namely SCIGRESS Basic, MO, MD-ME, Conflex and Spreadsheet. SCIGRESS runs on Windows. Linux options are also available (MD-ME, MO). Parallel processing is available on Linux and can transparently run and visualize results from the third party programs: ADF,GAMESS, Gaussian, PHASE, MOPAC2009, and CONFLEX7.


System Requirements