CrystalMaker combines the very-best 3D graphics with interactive measurement, energy modelling, crystal engineering, animation and video—all presented within a beautifully-designed professional user interface.



Build Crystals & Molecules Fast: With CrystalMaker you can build any kind of crystal or molecular structure quickly and easily. Built-in symmetry handling and the elegant space group explorer takes the slog out of crystallography, and the program will automatically generate all your bonds and polyhedra. Molecule building is even easier: point and-click to add atoms and bonds (hydrogens can be added automatically); use the Relax command to minimize energy and optimize your structure.

Comprehensive Data Import & Export: Building structures is fun, but you can also import data from one of the 44-or-so formats supported by CrystalMaker. These include the ubiquitous CIF, Protein Data Bank (PDB), SHELX and VASP. A range of output options is available for saving structural data, bond distances, coordination environments or web pages.

Integration with Diffraction Software: CrystalMaker is designed to work seamlessly with our award-winning SingleCrystal and CrystalDiffract programs. You can share data directly from CrystalMaker, via a single menu command. In addition, you can synchronize orientations with SingleCrystal in real time: rotate a crystal structure in CrystalMaker and see its diffraction pattern rotate in SingleCrystal (or vice versa). So, the focus is on producing the best, Master tools, for different areas:

• CrystalViewer – interactive galleries of 3D crystal & molecular structures: for teaching and reference
• CrystalMaker – energy modelling for crystal/molecular structures
• CrystalDiffract – powder diffraction software including Phase ID & Rietveld refinement
• SingleCrystal – single-crystal diffraction software including auto indexing and 3D crystal morphologies

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