Anindya Ghoshal

National Business Development Manager

With Scientific background and National level outreach, Scube shaped me professionally. The best part of working in Scube is working and leaning together in a team.

I personally liked the initial challenge of doing gamut of work and testing my ability. Scube is growing rapidly with synergetic approach and able guidance from management.

Charitra Gour

Manager Technical Consultant

Working environment in Scube is very esteemed. Being an employee, I feel appreciated and I am recognized for my dedication and hard work. Scube’s professional or personal atmosphere does not go unnoticed. This makes this organization unique.

Mahendra Singh Bisht

Senior System Engineer

If you have zeal to learn, then Scube is for you.

Vikas Kumar


Scube has given me the opportunity to grow into an Accountant’s role. I get to work very closely with colleagues here and could not ask for a better team of people to see every day.”

Prithviraj Banerjee

Sales Consutant

It is great to work for a company that is open to new ideas and suggestions.. The Scube Team has an open door policy, so you have support whenever you need it..”

Udit Sankar Pal

Independent Sales Consultant

I am really proud to be a part of Scube family. Scube’s professional & authentic culture taught me a lot in my carrer. Scube Scientific well known by most Academics & research Organization in today’s India. Scube means Team work ,Trust & True commitment.

Meenakshi Singh

Office administrator

It is great to work with Scube. Working atmosphere is very cherished and nice. People working together as a Team, which helps everyone to grow more and more.

Surbhi Arora

Office Executive

It is a good company to work with. I cherish the given experience as the company gave me a suitable stage and platform to exhibit my skills and efficiency and effectiveness towards achieving organizational and personal goals.