Statistica DM

The most comprehensive and effective system of user-friendly tools for the entire data mining process – from querying databases to generating final reports. To the best of our knowledge, STATISTICA Data Miner contains the most comprehensive selection of data mining methods available on the market; e.g., by far the most comprehensive selection of clustering techniques, neural networks architectures,  (also called recursive partitioning methods), multivariate modelling (including), association and sequence analysis (an optional add-on), and many other predictive techniques; even methods for advanced/true simulation and optimization of models are provided. Statsoft is currently providing the following Data Mining solutions,

·        Statistica Data Miner

·        Statistica Text Miner

·        Statistica QC Miner

STATISTICA Data Miner also provides the largest selection of graphics and visualization procedures of any competing products, to enable effective data exploration and visual data mining.  STATISTICA Data Miner can process, read, and write data from virtually all standard file formats, can directly access and process/score databases (even without performing explicit import/export operations), and it can import and export files from legacy (or competing) products.  It’s also the most effective data pre-processing, cleaning, and filtering tools for effective feature selection from among thousands (or even a million) of candidate predictors, automatic optimal binning, options to merge multiple data sources, align data based on multiple criteria including time-stamps at unequal intervals (data aggregation), deal with missing data, remove duplicate records, outliers, etc.

STATISTICA Data Miner provides effective wizards (Data Miner Recipes) to get to useful results solutions quickly; STATISTICA Data Miner also provides the familiar workspace drag-and-drop interface to create custom workflows, allows interactive detailed drill down into specific intermediate and final results, and is fully programmable and customizable. STATISTICA Data Miner can produce prediction models in various formats, including PMML, C++ (C#), Java and other common programming/scoring languages (e.g., SAS, stored database procedures); the STATISTICA Rapid Deployment engine (included) allows you to move directly from modeling to deployment and scoring of live data, data bases, etc.

STATISTICA Data Miner is fully integrated into the STATISTICA line of products, e.g., can be used for process optimization and advanced model-based process monitoring, automatic scoring of live data using STATISTICA Enterprise, etc. STATISTICA Data Miner can be used as a desktop application or run in a powerful client-server architecture (for server-based parallel processing of multiple analyses, with load balancing to manage large numbers of users, and options for scheduled batch tasks/processing)