The STATISTICA Advanced consists of a fully integrated line of analytic solutions that were developed and refined over the past 25 years. During this time, feedback from hundreds of thousands of users helped shaped STATISTICA into solutions for many different industries across the globe.

Customers can customize STATISTICA to fit into their Research Work, Academic Interest, company culture. Industry-standard scripting languages, such as Visual Basic or R, can be used for configuration and customization. COM-compliant programming languages, such as C#, C++, Java, VB.NET, can call STATISTICA objects. Apart from the COM-Compliance Statististica Advanced is enriched with collection of Basic Statistics, Graphics and Visualisation, Advance Linear and Nonlinear Model, Multivariate techniques and Power analysis algorithms. For more details on algorithms/Techniques refer to the Statistica Advanced Brochure.

•  STATISTICA can access data from virtually all standard data repositories, file formats, and standard and specialized database formats.STATISTICA can directly access data from all standard relational database formats, as well as specialized databases (e.g., the OSI PI database for process data).

•  STATISTICA data analysis capabilities cover thousands of STATISTICA functions, algorithms, tests, and methods ranging from simple break-down tables to advance nonlinear modelling, generalized linear models, time-series methods, to name only a few of the comprehensively implemented STATISTICA functions available in the software.

•  STATISTICA output and reporting will connect directly and flawlessly into your preferred formats, from desktop applications to web-based portals updated in real-time. STATISTICA output can be directed into MS Word documents, PDF files, HTML reports, web pages, text files, Excel spreadsheets, etc. Graphs can be saves as .JPG, .BMP, and various other graphics formats.