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ISO 9001:2008 certified

Scube Scientific Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd, ISO 9001:2008 certified, is a renowned distributor of leading-edge scientific
software in the field of Computational Chemistry, Biology, Mathematical Modeling, Statistical Analysis, Data Mining and
Market Research, collaborating with a wide range of companies across the globe such as Gaussian Inc, Wolfram Research
Inc and Statsoft India to name a few.


Version Release :
Mnova 10.0.0,Mathematica 11.0.1
Statistica 12.6
Purhase Scientific WorkPlace 6.0.21 and receive a free upgrade to version 6 when released
29th May 2014
With great pleasure we want all to know that Media Cybernetics, makers of the world famous image analysis software Image-Pro, has appointed SCUBE as their Indian distributor. We are thankful to Media Cybernetics for this association.


At Scube the employees are inspired to think innovative. Scube has been committed to its employees by providing them with the flexibility and opportunities to grow.
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Introduction to Gaussian:
"Theory and Practice"
Delhi, India
January 16-20-2017
Information Coming Soon.


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  • Dr. Kajal Chakraborty
    I thank Scube for its very good follow up to get SCIGRESS and ADMEWORKS ModelBuilder installed. I am happy with your reciprocation towards your customers. I assure to improve the business with you by procuring softwares from you.
    Dr. Kajal Chakraborty