MacKichan Software, Inc. is a software development company with a tradition of fine products for scientific publishing. Throughout its 24-year history, Mckichan has worked hard to upgrade its products, releasing new versions regularly.

Scientific WorkPlace

Scientific WorkPlace Version 6 can create, edit, and typeset mathematical and scientific text more easily than ever before. The software is based on an easy-to-use word processor that completely integrates writing mathematics and text in the same environment. With the built-in computer algebra system, the user can perform computations right on the screen.

Why Scientific WorkPlace?

The Gold Standard for Mathematical, Scientific, and Technical Publishing

In Scientific WorkPlace, the user can typeset complex technical documents with LaTeX, the industry standard for mathematics typesetting. Scientific WorkPlace automatically saves the documents as LaTeX files. The user can concentrate on writing a correct paper; Scientific WorkPlace makes it a beautiful one. Many of the more than 150 document shells have been designed to meet the typesetting requirements of specific professional journals and institutions.

The Power of An Easy-to-Use Computer Algebra System

Scientific WorkPlace combines the ease of entering and editing mathematics in natural mathematical notation with the ability to compute with the built-in computer algebra engine MuPAD® 5 . In this integrated working environment, the user can enter mathematics and perform computations without having to think or work in a programming language. In addition, the user can use the Exam Builder provided with Scientific WorkPlace to construct exams algorithmically and to generate, grade and record quizzes on a web server.

Animate, Rotate, Zoom, and Fly

With Scientific WorkPlace Version 6, the user can create 2-D and 3-D plots in many styles and coordinate systems, and enhance the plots with background color, grid lines, and plot labels in specified locations and orientations.

Sharing Work Is Easy

Scientific WorkPlace simplifies working with colleagues in other locations. Version 6 includes a new input filter for importing files created in native LaTeX. The filter can read many macro definitions not created in Scientific WorkPlace. The program also includes support for pdfTeX. Before passing the file to the pdfTeX processor, Scientific WorkPlace converts all the graphics in the file to a form that can be processed by pdfLaTeX.