Thermo Scienctific Kinetica Software

Flexible, easy to use Kinetica Software enhances data analysis while eliminating the need for multiple software packages and associated training. Noncompartmental assistant technology and a library of prebuilt, ready to use PK, TK and PK/PD models make it easy for users to import data, create datasets, perform computations, analyze data, graph and create tables and review and export individual and study results.

The sharable template format allows high-throughput solutions and customized automation of business workflows based on an organization’s guidelines and SOP. The same format can be applied to multiple datasets, allowing enterprise-wide standardization and reducing or eliminating the need to double-check each user’s analysis and version control.

Other Benefits Include

  • Reduction in manual transcription errors from transferring data
  • Automatic transfer of data from Thermo Scientific™ Watson LIMS™ Software
  • Noncompartment, standard compartment and population PK/PD bioequivalence, graphs and reports in a single application
  • Single file for graphics, tables, raw data and analysis results; save time in regulatory submissions

Noncompartmental Analysis (NCA)

  • Allows rapid view of the analysis via a graphical point-and-click interface
  • Recognizes flagged data for below limit of quantification, outlier, error and missing to allow users to specify the handling of flagged data during the analysis without sacrificing the data themselves

Unit Management

  • Specifies the output pharmacokinetic parameter units as well as input time and concentration units from an extensive list of measurement units
  • Versatile unit conversions are built into the tool for molar conversion

Data Exchange and Storage

  • Simple single file storage
  • Import row- and column-based data from Microsoft™ Excel, ASCII files and direct ODBC-compliant data sources
  • Support for direct Oracle™ database import from the Watson bioanalytical LIMS System
  • Predefined table structures to save time and add consistency to reports; table structure templates include preclinical, clinical, toxicokinetic, sparse study designs

Population PK/PD Analysis

  • Population analysis module includes multi-dimensional search option
  • Software allows external and internal validation of the population model

Data Analysis

  • Sixty different validated templates, including non-compartmental, PK, PD and PK-PD fitting, for standard compartmental and population analyses, absorption, convolution, deconvolution, renal, protein binding, enzyme kinetics, transdermal, in vivo and in vitro correlation and in vitro dissolution
  • Subset of Microsoft Visual Basic Applications allows users to build custom workflow, analysis settings, data import, data handling and reporting models
  • Visual model designer makes it quick and easy to create multiple compartment models