Fujitsu Cell Illustrator

Fujitsu Cell Illustrator

With Cell Illustrator you can:

  • Draw the biological pathway model
  • Define its simulation properties
  • Run the simulation and display its results

All this can be done in one window.

Drawing Biological Diagrams

Cell Illustrator provides biochemists with comprehensive visual representations of biochemical processes which form large and complex networks. The software enables the user to create his pathway from the scratch or to import single reactions or whole pathways from databases, such as Transpath. The created diagrams give the user a new insight to understanding these networks and relationships between chemical components in structurally complex dynamic interactions and processes.

Defining the Simulation Model

Easy-to-use Petri Net design methodology and intuitive interface make the Cell Illustrator software an excellent tool for biologist, biochemists, and scientists conducting research in life sciences as well as for graduate educators.

All-in-One Window

Cell Illustrator lets you combine and integrate graphical, biological and mathematical properties and save it into one CSML model. The models can be simulated and the simulation results can be displayed and analyzed on charts. All this can be done within one and the same window.